Hi, I’m Vanessa Cheung 👋

A Product Designer and Front-End Developer with a Certificate in Product Management.

As an empathetic product designer, I bridge the gap between product management and development to efficiently create user-friendly and effective products that meet user needs and business goals.

My Design Philosophy

Practice empathy

To empathize with users and understand their needs and what they are looking for in a product to create products that are truly useful and enjoyable to use.

Be innovative

To think outside the box and come up with solutions that are both functional and visually appealing, in order to create products that stand out from the competition.

Problem Solving

To overcome challenges and obstacles to create successful products by being agile: flexible, adaptable, proactive, communicative, and positive.


Product Designer

True Office Learning

  • Developed and implemented new development frameworks that increased work efficiency by 75%.
  • Effectively led and supported marketing team creatives to increase sales by 22%.
  • Initiated the assistance for offshore team to debug issues and reduce turnaround time by 25%.
Senior Product Designer

True Office Learning

  • Effectively increased our Fortune 100 clientele by implementing systematic and accessible design improvements.
  • Successfully pitched the CEO to build a new design system and workflow experience for our product that met both user and business needs.
  • KPI Results: 88% savings in company resources, a 71% reduction in time on task, and a 96% improvement in productivity.
Lead UX Designer


  • Successfully launched Developer Experience (DevX) that was five months behind schedule by collaborating with key stakeholders and leading three teams to launch within one month.
  • Led workshops to engage and align key stakeholders in adopting a single agile Product Lifecycle.
  • As Lead Product Manager, oversaw the migration of Cloud Service implementations from our portal to ServiceNow.

Areas of Expertise

Over 14 years of product design and front-end development experience working in design agencies, startups, and corporations such as SHIFT, Everyday Health, True Office Learning, Bloomberg, New York Stock Exchange, and now ADP – embracing each job opportunity to hone my skills in becoming a lead expert in the product world one day.

“It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.”

Whitney M. Young Jr.

Product Designer

Graphic Design, BA
14+ years

Front-End Developer

Meta, Certificate (in progress)
14+ years

Interaction Designer

Graphic Design, BA
11+ years

UX Designer

Google, Certificate
8+ years

Product Owner

Pragmatic Institute, Certificate
4+ years

Product Manager

Pragmatic Institute, Certificate
4+ years

Career Path

Kicked off my career as a Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer at a software company.

After being laid off, I explored design roles across different industries. Creating data-driven designs was really fascinating to see what works to drive conversions and CTR — so I transitioned to a Marketing Designer.

Led data-driven marketing creatives and campaigns for 4 product lines concurrently as a Marketing Designer.

After 3 years as a Marketing Designer, I wanted to focus on understanding the users I’m designing for — their goals, tasks, and actions so that I can design and create functional user experiences.

Became a UI/UX Designer, facilitating meetings with our international client to understand their user pain points and business goals.

After a company reorg, I assumed the role of a Product Designer to drive designs from 0-1.

Successfully convinced the CEO to build a new design system and workflow experience for our product that met both user and business needs.

After 5 years as a Product Designer and wearing the Product Manager hat, I wanted to challenge myself at a bigger company in hopes to transition into Product Management — where I can drive end products from a product and business perspective.

Successfully launched Developer Experience (DevX), proving my Product Management skills and landing my first Product Manager role.

In the near future, I aspire to become a leader and lead a team to success from a business goal, team building, and personal development perspective. I believe that by focusing on all three areas, I can create a team that is both successful and fulfilling.

Outside of Work

Born, raised, and based in New York City 🏙️ I am currently on a cross-country road trip in a self-converted van 🚐💨 I love spending my free time outdoors with year-round hiking, camping, and backpacking! Oh, I also love using emojis ❤️


As a recent National Park goer, I have hiked over 37 National Parks and explored over 100 State Parks, Recreational Parks, and National Forests – ask me about Havasupai!


After 10 years of snowboarding, I have visited over 45 ski resorts in 10 states and 3 countries. Snowboarding has taught me the true meaning of determination.


Self-converted a van in 2020 during Covid and went from doing weekend trips to weekly trips to monthly trips to now: full-time vanlifing – adventure awaits!